Apm username/password for github



Well, I just released my very first plugin. Everything worked quite well but when running apm publish minor the process hung forever at Pushing v0.1.0 tag. No blinking cursor, no hint what’s going on, no nothing. After some trial and error and starting apm over and over I found out that apm just expects my github username and password. Sounds logical, but without any hint in the console one can only guess whats going on. Is this the intended behaviour or did I miss something?

current atom @Windows 7



I doubt this could be considered an expected behaviour. My guess is that your package’s git remote is defined with the https version and not the ssh one, so when apm is running git push --tags, git is asking for the credentials, but apm doesn’t display the prompt. If you were using the ssh version and you had not loaded your ssh keys yet the push would have failed immediately and apm would have reported the error.
This should be reported in the apm repo.



thanks :slight_smile: