Apm test and *.js specs


Does apm test only work with *.coffee files in the spec folder? Is there a working example of a project using javascript end-to-end?


It should work with javascript files too. I think the only requirement is that the spec end with -spec.js. We don’t have an example JS project, but it is a good idea.


I triaged this a bit and found the following
for specFilePath in fs.listTreeSync(specDirectory) when /-spec\.coffee$/.test specFilePath from app/spec/spec-suite.coffee as the root cause for -spec.js not working.

I was able to modify the regex /-spec\.(coffee|js)$/ and now able to execute tests successfully.

Thanks for the information though.

Why coffeescript?

Thanks for finding that! I’ll try to get the change into the next release.


Happy to help :smile:


@ProbablyCorey FYI https://github.com/rowoot/atom-template-engine -> With the working JS tests.


This will be supported in the Atom 0.72.0 release.