APM suddenly fails


When atom on my Windows 10 laptop, I have used apm trough the windows command line to install packages.
After making no changes that I can recall to atom, now any use of apm in the command prompt is met with

The system cannot find the path specified

I installed 2 other packages with apm, although only now has this occurred. I can install packages through settings within atom, but personally my preference is using apm. All apm commands now, apm --version, apm install , etc. give that same message.


Have you tried running Window: Install Shell Commands from the command-palette?


@idleberg That command is Mac-specific and doesn’t even exist in my Windows installation.

@Yutreess When did this start? The first thing you should try is to delete the .atom/.apm/ folder. If that doesn’t work, deleting the AppData/Local/atom/ folder and reinstalling Atom might.