`apm star --installed` fails on unpublished packages


When I am in the middle of developing a package (i.e. always) the apm star --installed cmd doesn’t work. Apparently it is looking for the package at atom.io then It fails with

Starring alt-column-selection failed
Starring package failed: Not found

This also applies to private packages I have no intention of publishing.

So I have to delete all the symlinks to my unpublished packages, run the command, and then regenerate the symlinks. Major PITA.


I should mention that all it has to do is continue processing after printing the error. The only problem is that it aborts the cmd.


Sounds like a bug to me. Would you mind posting one on the apm package?


See https://github.com/atom/apm/issues/202.


This bug has been closed and the fix released in Atom v0.136.0. Unless there’s some objection, I’m setting this to autoclose in 24 hours.


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