"apm search" - Results


Can anyone give me some insight into what is currently being searched for the search results of “apm search”?

My package ‘jumpy’ does not come up for “hot key”, or “hotkey”. The other packages that are returned do not have “hot key” listed in either the title, or description.

I have tried putting terms in the keywords array in package.json. This doesn’t seem to have helped. Is some one manually tagging? Is there some admin console where I can do this? Big mystery to me at the moment.


I think @thedaniel is the current expert on that.


Currently, the name, readme and description are indexed, but as of this moment only the name field is searched. Clearly this is not so great, and we plan to improve the search backend.


Oh, I get it. It’s funny cute-cursor comes up because of the cut in shortcuts (pretty sure see below). Oops I hadn’t noticed the obvious partials before! Thanks for the update! BTW, package.json’s keywords array would be sweet :smile:

➜ jumpy git:(master) apm search shortcuts
Search Results For ‘shortcuts’ (10)
├── git-show git show (633 downloads)
├── cut-line Overrides Cmd-X and Cmd-C with no selection to cut (or copy) the entire line. (1506 downloads)
├── todo-show Finds all the TODOs, FIXMEs, CHANGEDs in your project. (1086 downloads)
├── semaphore Adds build status from Semaphore for the current branch of the current project to the Atom UI (53 downloads)
├── import Git clone and Open in Atom (47 downloads)
├── sort-lines Sorts your lines. Never gets tired. (23284 downloads)
├── show-in-system atom.io package to show and open files or directories in the system file manager (145 downloads)
├── show-in-folder Adds Show in Folder context entry on the sidebar (191 downloads)
├── cute-cursor Cute Cursor (75 downloads)
└── execute-as-perl Execute the current line or selection with Perl (76 downloads)


:+1: for package.json keywords array.