Apm publish without specifying version


I’m a little neurotic when it comes to tools that automatically add tags and push master in git.
I like the idea of apm publish for users that don’t understand git that well but I think it can be messy for people who want more control.

Is it possible to manually do the following and still use apm publish (example is using version 1.0.0)?

  • Manually update the version field to 1.0.0 in package.json.
  • Manually run git tag 1.0.0 on the commit you want to use for the version.
  • Manually run git push github master, git push --tags etc.

Once all of these have been manually done, do an apm publish 0.0.1

I don’t want to pollute the atom package namespace with packages to test this functionality.
Can anybody confirm this is the case?


I took a look at the existing apm publish code and it looks like there’s nothing.
The current code assumes that the tag doesn’t exist and creates it along with a new commit.
I can manually hit the Github APIs I guess.

@kevinsawicki, does it make sense to add this functionality to apm publish or should I just go and create my own tool? I don’t want to break the existing philosophy of the tools etc.


Answered in Slack … see apm help publish, specifically apm publish --tag.


Hello Kevin – Thank you for your welcome message.
I have tested apm publish 0.0.1 and I have got inconsistent behaviours.
Can I publish a specific version of atom plugin?