Apm publish - repository failed


Hi all,

I have written a package, language-opensees, for atom and am trying to publish it using “apm publish minor” in cmd. I get the following:

~\.atom\packages\language-opensees> apm login
Welcome to Atom!

Before you can publish packages, you'll need an API token.

Visit your account page on Atom.io https://atom.io/account,
copy the token and paste it below when prompted.

Press [Enter] to open your account page on Atom.io.
Token> xxxxxxxxxxxx
Saving token to Keychain done

~\.atom\packages\language-opensees> apm publish minor
Registering language-opensees failed
Registering package in JamesMaj/language-opensees. repository failed: That repo does not exist, isn'
t an atom package, or you do not have access

Here is a link to the repository: https://github.com/JamesMaj/language-opensees

It’s the first time I have attempted to publish an atom package, and the first repository that I have put on github, so maybe I have overlooked something. It seems that others have had similar problems, but none of the solutions have solved my issue. Any help with this issue would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,


I see that you have a compound repository value in your package.json:

You may want to just use a simple string value for that like I do here in one of my packages:

Atom doesn’t support repositories other than GitHub repositories for Atom packages, so the type is superfluous.


Thanks leedohm,

The compound repository expression came from a tutorial I was following: https://www.sitepoint.com/how-to-write-a-syntax-highlighting-package-for-atom/

I have changed it to the single line as you suggested. In the process I discovered that I had entered a “.” at the end of the URL… That was my problem. Silly mistake.

Thanks again, the package is now published!