APM Publish Help


Hey guys,
So I’m trying to update my Seti UI theme to 1.0, and made kind of a dumb mistake.

I already had version set to 1.0.0 in my package file, so I ran apm publish --tag v1.0.0 major which published it as version 2.0. I then made my big mistake of running apm unpublish --tag v2.0.0 which I though would roll back to the previous version, but just unpublished the whole darn thing :confused:

I re-published apm publish --tag v1.0.0 but now have 2 issues:

  1. All the package stats are completely reset to zero (download count & stars).
  2. It is still showing as v 2.0 even though I deleted that tag and published brand new package as 1.0.0.

Is any of this fixable, or am I stuck with a brand new v.2.0 package?


Ok so I was able to find the correct syntax to un-publish the bogus 2.0 version (thanks to previous post from @leedohm).

Any way to restore the previous download & star stats before the accidental global un-publish, or is that unrecoverable?

https://atom.io/themes/seti-ui shows 64 downloads, but Atom still shows as 340,794 downloads. Possible there’s nothing to worry about, but guessing that’s probably just Atom caching the previous stats and it’ll reset to zero in a bit?


As we discussed on Slack, I took a look at the database and everything has been reset. The initial publish date for the theme is today now. I’ll take a look and see if there is anything else we can do, but at this point it appears that this is where we’re at :frowning:


Thanks @leedohm!

And just in case anybody stumbles on this in the future, take note: if you need to rollback or un-publish a specific package version in apm use apm unpublish package@version. For example apm unpublish seti-ui@2.0.0

apm unpublish --tag is not the command you are looking :wink: