APM & NPM installing dependencies HELP


I am currently working on a new atom-shell project, and this is my first time working with it. I need a cryptographic algorithm module that I have used before for web-based apps, but I need to install it for this project as well. Do I use apm? Or can I install it with npm? If I don’t use npm then I wont have a local ‘node_modules’ directory… so basically, does apm have the same packages as npm? Sorry for the noob question, just could use some clarity on this.

Thank you,



What I did is this:

  • echo '{}' > package.json (DON’T DO THIS if you already have a package.json, it WILL be overwritten)
  • npm install --save <package-name>
  • rm -rf ./node_modules
  • apm install

This way APM will install the packages to the node_modules directory in the current path


Thanks Kramer! That worked for me! You da man.


Well, it’s also possible to hand-edit the package.json file. It’s not that complex.