Apm not installing correct node-sass binding


As I mentioned in Atom-shell and Meteor

When you install node-sass it builds a binding for your os/node version when I install via apm it decides to build the binding for win32-ia32-node-0.10 but when (I assume an identical function) tries to find the binding inside Atom when I require node-sass it tries to find win32-ia32-atom-1.0. The issue here is that node-sass now quite rightly says that it has no bindings installed for this setup and I need to install it again.

Just to confirm win32-ia32-node-0.10 is not the binding for my system node install (x64 node 0.12)

Should apm not be using an identical run time with all the same process values as Atom? Otherwise anything like node-sass that compiles something on install would be compiling using the wrong flags to the wrong location.


Have you filed a bug for this? You should probably file a bug on the apm package.


Issue Opened https://github.com/atom/apm/issues/328