Apm not connecting to proxy with .apmrc


When using the proxy setting in .apmrc, a tunneling error is thrown when trying to search for plugins in Atom. None of the fixes I can find have worked, so here goes:

Using the following config in E:\.atom\.apmrc when running the atom-windows.zip from GitHub, version 1.4.0.-beta3, with E:\Atom\atom.exe --portable:

proxy=http://jst****:[password]@ http_proxy=http://jst****:[password]@ https_proxy=http://jst****:[password]@ strict_ssl=false

I get the following error when trying to search for a package in the install tab of Atom:

tunneling socket could not be established, cause=getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND


Closing by request.

Whoops … totally goofed :laughing:

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