APM - manually having to clean up the packages folder?


I have noticed that uninstalled packages and packages that have been updated to a new version – leave everything behind.

Even the built-in packages that have been updated, have their old version folders right there with it.


It’s not causing a problem for me. I will just have to go into this folder every so often and manage the packages myself.

I guess I just do not want to break anything by manually deleting these old versions. In the event that there is a db somewhere that I could be breaking.



~/.atom/.apm (and ~/.atom/.npm) are download cache folders. When installing/updating a new package with a dependency on module-x, apm will check first in those directories if it’s already there. I think it’s safe to delete the folders.


Thanks @olmokramer, I deleted all folders in the .apm directory keeping only the _locks folder and the .apmrc file. No issues thus far. If I blow it up, I’m not too worried as the packages folder is where the meat is and I only have 6 things installed.

Still getting the feel of customizing Atom.

Thanks again for your input.