Apm install puts nothing in packages folder


I just installed Atom (never used it). I can’t search for packages as I get the tunnelling error. But I know I can use the apm command line to install.

If I run amp install linter it says it is installing, I get no errors and it gives me a fresh prompt. But the packages are not installed. Nothing appears in my D:/Users//.atom/packages folder.

I am on Windows behind a corporate proxy. I have set my .amprc with the proxy settings needed.

While I’d like to be able to install from the GUI I don’t mind using apm but even that isn’t working and no error message to say why not.

Any ideas?


Do you have the same issue with any packages or just linter?


Yeh, I tried language-terraform too. Same thing.


Is there any extra information if you use the verbose flag?

apm install language-terraform --verbose


Thanks for your reply. I’m afraid there’s no other information with --verbose.

I’ve decided to forget Atom because of this and I am going to use VSC instead.


Hmm, I wonder what the issue was - I’m guessing it’s related to the proxy? I wonder if you would have the same error connecting from a different network. In any case though, I’m sorry the package install experience wasn’t great, if you give Atom another try feel free to reach out again.