Apm executing package.json scripts


Given that apm is an extension of npm I would have thought that the scripts part of my package.json would be run. However my hook isn’t being executed under apm, but is with npm.


apm is based upon npm, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it an extension. apm is its own product now and there will be more and more things that apm does differently as time goes on.


Fair point. However given that apm is taking the place of npm for some purposes (ie: setting up node_modules) not having consistent behaviour with npm (ie: executing scripts hooks) is not a good thing IMO.


To my understanding, apm executes npm for those purposes, so there isn’t a need, necessarily, for equivalent behavior in apm … for the Atom package itself.


Agreed. However I put a “postinstall” hook into my package.json for testing purposes and it is executed with npm install but not apm install, so something is going awry.