Apm downgrade package


I just released my first Atom package and after a lot of trial and error, I got it live. I had problems with ssh on Windows, which I finally resolved by removing all keys and starting over. This resulted in a lot of git tags and commits, containing no changes. I removed all tags on GitHub and published one final time via apm with semver v.0.1.0. however this version is lower then the version (v0.3.10) already released on Atom.io via apm. Now is my question, can I downgrade my package on Atom.io/apm?


You could try unpublishing your package and then publish again to start over. Do not delete the repository before you try this though.


If I unpublish it, does that free the name so I can use it for publishing again? No duplicate errors?


That’s correct, it frees the name again.


Ok thanks. I’ll give that a try.


It worked with unpublish and using a version:

apm unpublish <package_name>@<package_version>