Apm command not found


Hi, all!

Just installed fresh Node.js and Atom. When I try to use command “apm install emmet” Terminal says “-bash: apm: command not found”.

What to do?

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Activate the Atom > Install Shell Commands menu item. That should take care of it. If you’ve already done that … ensure that /usr/local/bin is in your PATH.


Thank you, works like charm!


Can you guys better explain that process? Sorry… having the same issue.


P.S. (I’m a Windows 7 user)


I’m afraid on Windows that fix above doesn’t work.

The recommended way to install Atom is via Chocolatey, which will add atom and apm to your PATH variable. After that you should be able to call apm from your command line.


Chocolatey works great from the command line. Don’t try to use the gui. It is very broken.


Hi, I encounter the same issue and the solution there seems very out dated. I’m on Ubuntu 15.10, installed Atom 1.6.0-beta. I installed via .deb package. There’s no Atom > Install Shell Commands anywhere and the link to chocolately is out dated only showing a very old version.

Any help?


Ah, I got it. It’s called apm-beta, in line with atom-beta


@leedohm hi, I activated Atom > Install Shell Commands and used this command export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/git/bin:/usr/local/bin to ensure that /usr/local/bin in in my PATH. However the amp command still doesn’t work but atom command works. Please help me figure it out.


What if you don’t have admin access to your Mac?


If you don’t have the ability to edit your PATH, you could set up an alias for yourself in your .bashrc file that has the full path to the executable.


If you are using Atom Beta, the command would be apm-beta but not apm