API Token can't be saved in Windows 10


I tried to publish my first package. But the API Token I entered after apm login is never saved.

They keep prompting me with the same message:

Welcome to Atom!

Before you can publish packages, you'll need an API token.

Visit your account page on Atom.io https://atom.io/account,
copy the token and paste it below when prompted.

Press [Enter] to open your account page on Atom.io.
Token> _myapikeyloremiipsum
Saving token to Keychain done

I type apm login again, I see the same message.

I have tried running it on Command Prompt (Admin) but to no avail. I also don’t use any Proxy or Firewall.

Any solution? Thanks


Yes, every time you execute apm login it will give you the same message. It doesn’t check to see if a token is already saved first. What error are you getting when you try to publish your package?


@leedohm Ah didn’t know that. I thought after inputing the Token, it will ask for my username and password.

I didn’t try publishing my package because I thought the login failed. Just tried it and it’s a success! Thanks :relaxed:

This is my package https://atom.io/packages/pacific-dark, a port from my Sublime theme.


You’re welcome! I like the theme. I’ve been using more light themes lately though :grinning: