API to access devtools for package authors


Chrome extensions API provides API’s for enhancing the devtools, for instance devtools panels api. Would be really awesome to add api’s making these accessible for extension authors. For instance, I’ve been working on some wrappers to let author’s write their plugins using Ruby(Opal) . Previously, I’ve written a chrome extension that let’s developer’s execute Opal code from the chrome console. Would really love to write a plugin for Atom that did similar, so I could quickly and simply try bits of Opal plugin code from the devtools in Atom. Further, there are small number of tools that let coffeescript authors do similar and I’m sure many plugin authors would find that useful. Sometimes you want to just quickly eval a little bit of code in the current context without saving and reloading the whole editor. And I’m sure I’m not even beginning to imagine the coolest things people will dream up later.

Thanks in advance.