API getCursorBufferPosition ignoring folded lines


I’m working on a contribution for the package https://atom.io/packages/relative-numbers, I need to find the current buffer’s line taking into account only visible lines (not folded lines). I see the method getCursorBufferPosition returns the line number, however, it returns it taking into account folded lines.

Does anyone knows how to get the current line number ignoring folded lines?


getCursorBufferPosition is designed to ignore folded lines. Note the section in the TextEditor documentation regarding buffer vs. screen coordinates:

Because editors support folds and soft-wrapping, the lines on screen don’t always match the lines in the buffer. For example, a long line that soft wraps twice renders as three lines on screen, but only represents one line in the buffer. Similarly, if rows 5-10 are folded, then row 6 on screen corresponds to row 11 in the buffer.

You’re looking for screen coordinates.


Great. That made me able to work on my contribution (https://github.com/justmoon/relative-numbers/pull/1).