Anything Similar to emacs narrow or sublime FeaturePresentation?


I’m in the process of switching to Atom for all my work. The only thing I miss is the ability to isolate a specific bit of text.

In emacs or sublime you highlight an area, “narrow” it, and it temporarily removes the clutter of everything else except the isolated region until you are done. It’s really great for helping me focus.

See narrow from emacs, or Feature Presentation plugin for sublime to understand what I’m talking about.

Would be incredible if I could figure out how to do this in Atom. Thanks for any help!


(shameless plug)

You might find my edit-in-new-tab package useful. It let’s you edit a selection of text in a new tab and writes all changes back to the original tab. To see it in action, take a look at this screencast.


Seems like it works fantastic! You’re awesome, thank you!


This is a great idea. I have just now tried it.

However when working in sync (like what the 2nd GIF shows), some strange things happen - especially if you have clicked inside the original pane. At some point in my quick test I have copied x3 instances of the original segment into the original editor just by pressing ENTER in the cloned editor.

I would find something like this helpful in my work if you could have two copies of the same work side-by-side. Think like the SPLIT function some word editors have/had.


The cursor itself is a zero-length selection, so once you destroy the selection in the original tab, all hell breaks loose.


Yes I can see that. There must be a way to hold that piece of the text in a buffer, without relying on a selection. Perhaps something to do with the decorations… a decoration that is unseen yet track changes. Does the new API not have something like this now. Else capturing multiple cursors. Or simply keeping the previous selection in memory, detecting if deselected.

Seeing what git-diff(?) does may be helpful too. A way to lock out the original text.

I have the same issue as the topic stater states. I was even thinking of creating some highlighting method that dulls the unselected texts. But this dreaming is as far as I went with the idea.