Anyone working on better Go support?


The Go language pack isn’t that great. The syntax highlight seems to be based on Java and isn’t very good. Would love linking import statements to the files and core lib. Autocomplete that supports all available attributes and functions even outside of the current file would be nice as well.

Anyone else have these issues and/or working on something? I might start working on better syntax highlighting this weekend.


I can’t answer the rest of your requests (not being versed in Go), but have you tried turning on the “Include Completions From All Buffers” setting in the Autocomplete package?


There are a couple of Go packages right now, but most of them look to be primarily for running gofmt on save.


Take a look at go-plus. It adds:

  • Formatting source using gofmt
  • Formatting and managing imports using goimports (change the Gofmt Path
    preference to target goimports)
  • Code quality inspection using go vet
  • Linting using golint
  • Syntax checking using go build and go test