Anyone using linter gcc for C/C++ Successfully?


My linter gcc is not working for me, I’ve tried every step but its just don’t work on my windows 10 pc, I am a newbie, can someone guide me? please :-(:unamused:


Do you have linter-ui-default and linter installed as well? Are you getting an error message when it doesn’t work?

If you want further help, you’re going to have to provide details about ‘every step’ you’ve done, and what is happening vs what you expected.


this is my previous post please have a look


linter by Clang is working but gcc is not


i ahve installed all


According to the response you got in the issue, it’s supposed to be blank if there are no errors. The screenshot you posted doesn’t include enough code to identify if there was an error that should have been picked up.

The screenshot you posted in this thread suggests that you have disabled or uninstalled linter-gcc, since it would otherwise be located in between linter-clang and linter-ui-default, alphabetically.


yeah, actually i am still trying, by adding and removing this, now again I’ve installed it


its now on the top


Suddenly when i changed g++.exe to this , gcc started working for a while but suddenly its vanished again