Anyone here notice the lag in atom when malwarebytes is running even in idle?


As the title says, I noticed the lag on both my systems. When mbam is running even when it is not actively scanning. Just curious if anyone noticed the same thing.


What kind of lag @KTsarlz, e.g. when you’re doing something specific with Atom or Atom in general just seems sluggish with Malware Bytes running?

Here’s a recent issue about Malware Bytes but specifically with git repositories and switching focus to and from Atom:


For the record, I am currently not facing any delay at all right now. My trial for MBAM expired, that’s why I’m no longer facing issues. I don’t know how to solve the issue with a full version of MBAM, sorry.


It happens whenever I type or delete words from editing html files… This happens on my pc and on my desktop, too.


Just uninstalled for now :confused: It’s been like this since v3 came out not sure if it is something particular to the packages I use.


Have you tried running in safe mode (atom --safe) 1? That will start Atom without loading your installed community packages so that should help confirm if that might be the issue.


I’ve been experiencing a longer lag than usual when booting up atom from the start. Have seen load times at 10 seconds or more some times on a (tried an angular 2, jekyll, and angular 1x project). Slightly faster when there is no project at all open…