Anyone got some tooltips?


So I’m playing a round with a package, and I’m considering using tooltips to come up for a short period of time (not sure where yet) and then disappear again.

I can’t think of a package that uses tooltips, but would very much like to see an example or two.
Can anyone point me to one?



hover your mouse over a file tab and it shows a tooltip with the path


Weird. I never noticed that.
Thanks for the tip, that’ll do it. :thumbsup:


Alright so… I can make my tool tips, similar to the tabs package. I can set the text and all that’s fine.

What I don’t get yet, is how I can style it better.
The styleguide tells me that I should be able to do whatever I want really, with a few divs, but…:

…how do I get the divs into my setTooltip call?

I feel like that’s a very newbie kind of question, but I’m still working on my first package, be gentle.


I have a simple working sample. Its just two files


Combine this with a .less file for the CSS and all you will need to change are these lines :

Much work. But this is as simple as it gets for now.

If you like it just add a star to the github package :wink:


For feature references, here’s the API