Anyone else have Autoprefixer issues?


I have latest AP for Atom installed, 2.2.0. Atom .174

In any CSS file, no matter how simple of complex, invoking the command palette does not show the “autoprefixer” command.

I logged an issue, but am wondering if it’s just me. I tried disabling extensions, but so far nothing.

Might be related to this: What's this .bin package?


It seems something really messed up during the installation. Does the ~/.atom/packages/autoprefixer look right? Compare it to the github repository. To me it seems like somehow the npm package got installed instead of the apm package.


What’s even odder is that when I clicked the name of the package to log an issue, it took me to the npm package’s repo.


Yeah, I don’t think we need to have two topics open regarding issues with the same package :grinning:

Closing this as duplicate of:

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