Anyone else experiencing weird line endings like this?


I have begun to have some issues that have made using Atom extremely painful.

Here’s a screenshot:

In notepad you can see the code as it’s supposed to be without any extra line breaks, all the lines should be stacked properly. Recently Atom has begun to add extra spaces in. This also means the line numbers are incorrect when debugging between the browser and Atom.

If you look at the first three lines on the Atom side they are as they should be, no extra line breaks, but when I saved that file and looked at it in Notepad (on the right) it has shifted the second line on to the first.

I have show invisibles on and the invisible characters seem to be showing correctly, it’s just the actual display of this that’s messed up.

I realized this was happening when seeing those invisibles where they are.

I disabled all Community Packages to see if it was coming from one of those, but nope it’s not.


It looks like line-ending problems.


Check this topic:

or this topic:

for more information.