Anyone developing an electron app using Vuetify?


Hi Everyone, Is there anyone out there who has done/is doing this? I’m wondering if I should follow the Vuetify webpack+SSR quick start template. The app I want to develop should have separate views that the user can navigate between. I think this is what Vue-router is for but I’m a bit of a newbie to all this.

What I am fishing for is an electron+Vue+Vuetify boilerplate. Any help in that direction would be appreciated!



Well this seems rather obvious in hindsight but in case anyone wants to know here’s what I did to get this working. I used the electron-vue boilerplate by simulatedgreg and activated all the vue plugins, including vue-router. Then I copied/pasted/and otherwise hacked the code in /app from the vuetify web pack template into the appropriate places boilerplate /app. Haven’t done much with it yet other than define a few routes but it all seems to be hanging together.