Anyone built scrollbar indicators yet?


One thing I love about IntelliJ is that it can present a file’s most important information inside (or rather behind) the scrollbar:

So this shows errors (red), warnings (yellow), additions (green) and changes (blue).

Is there something like this available for Atom?

PS: I know about ‘minimap’ but that is much too big for my taste. I just want this.


I think this can be accomplished by the minimap plugin. Install minimap, minimap-git-diff and minimap-linter. In minimap’s settings set text opacity to 0 make text invisible and set minimap-linter’s marker type to line. Finally, use some CSS to set the width of the minimap. Include this in your styles.less:

atom-text-editor::shadow atom-text-editor-minimap {
  width: 16px;

EDIT Updated the CSS snippet above


That’s an interesting workaround! I’ll give it a shot.


Hi, have Your tried it out, have it worked out? I am looking for exactly the same, especially after I’ve started having issues with minimap on 4k display (graphic glitches and low performance, going to report that soon but I think it might be related to Linux drivers).


The hack suggested by @olmokramer works with one change. The CSS snippet that worked for me comes from (comment by @doersino on Sep. 1, 2016):

atom-text-editor::shadow, atom-text-editor {
  atom-text-editor-minimap {
    width: 16px !important;
    min-width: 16px;
    max-width: 16px;


I did: .

I also created scroll-marker that provides a service that other packages (like the one mentioned above) can use to add other markers to the scroll bar.

It’s still young, in need of documentation and improvements, but I guess it’s a start :slight_smile: