Anybody planning to use babel / ecmascript 6 instead of coffee script


Hi guys :),

I am curious if anybody tried to use babel instead of coffee script for package development. What were your experiences.
If you don’t plan to do that, do you have some special reasons why?


CoffeeScript does most ES6 things that I like, like destructuring assignment, classes, and it comes in a nice, better readable format without parentheses, curly braces etc. all over the place. So I use CoffeeScript.


How about writing package only in javascript. Any package (link to the package plz) which is written in javascript?


For me, it boils down to, “Why should I switch for clunkier syntax and not even feature parity with CoffeeScript?” This is a personal choice though and I’m glad that babel is available to the people that want it. That’s what is awesome about Atom, you can have it your way :wink:

Fair Warning: If this topic starts turning into an extension of Why CoffeeScript?, I’m going to have to close it. Language wars don’t belong on Discuss.


You might go through this search result. There are not that many package which use this.

I am more inclined towards pure JS, so I would like to see more package to get inspiration from. Most likely next package I write will be in pure JS. Although last time the problem was views which were much cleaner in CoffeeScript. Not sure if that has changed much.


@leedohm It’s neither "why coffeescript " nor language wars. I was curious too see some packages written in js for my reference :smile:


@kumarrishav I wasn’t saying that this topic or anyone on it was already going down that road. This topic has that potential however, which is why I stated “If this topic starts turning into…”.


If you build your views using custom elements you shouldn’t have much problem with pure JS (either with or without using ES6 features).

AFAIK the issues people had with using space-pen in JS was:


I wrote code-links with es6. For me it was about not having to switch languages between my project and my day job. It doesn’t have any views.


I plan to write some packages in JavaScript and contribute to Atom Docs, add JS examples


I have used nothing but CS for about four years. You’d have to pry it out of my dead hands. To me ES6 doesn’t come close to CS.

Edit: I know, this is language wars kind of stuff. Sorry.


No, I don’t see it as language wars stuff because you stuck to phrasing that was clear that this is your opinion and you weren’t trying to convince others that your opinion is the only correct one :grinning:


What has changed about space pen DSL? Didn’t create new view for package for some time.


Nothing changed in space-pen, it’s just that most core views are moved to use custom elements instead of space-pen. And many packages are doing the same move (minimap, atom-color-highlight, autocomplete-plus for instance).

Space-pen is still useful and its DSL is even available for custom elements for those who want to quickly port their views to CE: