Anybody know of a javascript console package?


Wondering if someone has made a javascript console package. I’ve done some searches and nothing has shown up.
Basically, I want a console that I can use without the rest of the debugger clogging up my screen (and I use the debugger window like it is, so I don’t want to have to resize it every time I just want only the console). (plus, then I can restyle it to look all purty)


Check out some of the various Terminal emulator packages.
I am partial to @thedaniel’s:

I suppose it’s not exactly a JS console, depending on what you’re trying to do?


I don’t think that’s quite what I’m looking for. I want a console that shows the javascript output of Atom, not a Terminal/Command Prompt type thing. I might just have to make my own. xD


Do you mean like the Chrome dev tools? In that case View -> Developer -> Toggle developer tools


@danielbrodin Seems like @Aarilight’s is looking for a console outside the devtools.


Yes, just like the dev tools, but I just want a simple console. I don’t even need a line in, I just want to see console output in real time without having to have a giant white box taking up half my screen when I don’t need it.

To put it simply.


AFAIK there’s not.
Chrome devtools are so complex and powerful than trying to rewrite them just for the sake of saving screen space or changing styles seems a bit silly to me.

Have you tried to separate the devtools from the main window? If you don’t want it to affect your main window this is the way to go.
Regarding styling, chrome devtools also supports themes, but I haven’t checked how one could be installed in Atom.


It is actually possible. Chromium has a remote debugging feature. You can connect to a port and interact with it. The dev inspector uses that interface internally.

I have a half-finished IDE that uses this interface. The part that interacts is finished and working. I haven’t done any UI yet.

I see no reason why a package couldn’t loop back into the same engine it is running on. However, this would be a lot of work for something that seems to me to have a minor value.

If anyone can convince me this would be a popular package I’ll put it on my list. The bad news is that I haven’t worked on my list in a month or so. I’ve been busy switching all my PCs to linux and learning Linux has been slow.


:highfive: (there should be an emoji for that)
I’ve done that to my primary laptop a few weeks back and so far it’s great. Still use Windows at work though, can’t avoid that one.


One day I happened to walk up to three different Windows PCs and each one went away for 10 to 15 mins updating before I could use them. Wasting 30 mins of my day was the final straw. I considered Macs but they were too expensive. I spent my money on a chromebook pixel running ubuntu instead.


:hand: should do the trick.


Macs are like that as well for updates that require reboot. On Linux distros, you might have better luck with package managers as there’s no post-boot update but the rolling-release ones are quite painful too. But hey, at least kexec lets you do a quick reboot without going into BIOS POST :wink: