Any way to recover older versions of project?


Basically what the title says. Long story short, a local repo was accidentally deleted by a github GUI which had a decent amount of changes on it that were not yet pushed to remote. I am hoping/praying that there is a slight chance that I may be able to recover an older version of the project with Atom. I still have everything open and haven’t restarted Atom since the deletion. Nothing is really showing up within .atom/storage so I am assuming there is nothing I can do. Since I’m pretty desperate at this point thought I would check in here just to see.



Atom doesn’t store your file data when it closes unless the file open in Atom is out of sync with the saved file when it closes. And since it’s meant to be used with git, the baseline assumption is that you’re going to be using git to back up your files and ensure that you don’t lose anything. When git is the problem, there’s not a whole lot that Atom can do.