Any way to open items in the file finder to a new pane?


I’ve found a regression that I think is related to this new preview file feature. I tend to split I commonly use command+T to find a file, and then command+K+ARROW to open it in a new tab. This has stopped working, so now I have to do this. Bold items are new steps from the regression.

  • command+T
  • type file name
  • open file with ENTER
  • command+K+RIGHT
  • click file opened in left pane
  • command+W to close file in left pane

Is there some setting I’m missing to bring the old behavior back?


New to community, want to second technoweenie’s question/request.

OS: Windows 7
Fresh install of atom 1.6.2 (uninstalled, cleared ~/.atom, ~/AppData/Local/Atom, ~/AppData/Roaming/Atom folders).
Tried install using AtomSetup.exe and more recently, extracting from and dropping into my preferred location. Both installs show same behavior.

In my case, placing focus into Tree View and using ENTER to load file into a new tab/pane works. However clicking on a file no longer loads the file into a new tab/pane. Instead, clicking a file loads that file in my existing tab/pane.

No tabs open
click file1.txt, loads file1.txt into new tab/pane.
click file2.txt, loads file2.txt into the tab/pane where file1.txt had been loaded.

Ctrl-W with focus on the file within Tree View does close the tab which currently displays the file.

Also note: this worked in atom version 1.5.4.


@rkharris There is a FAQ that covers what you’re asking about here:

@technoweenie It sounds like that could be a regression. Could you post repro steps for the behavior you’re seeing on this Issue here?


@leedohm Ah, thank you.


Steps 3, 5, and 6 are the regression:

  1. command+T
  2. type file name
  3. open file with ENTER
  4. command+K+RIGHT
  5. click file opened in left pane
  6. command+W to close file in left pane