Any way to change color rendering in Atom 1.28.0 Beta? (Electron 2.0.0)


Atom 1.28.0 Beta colors appear washed out on my screen, similar to how Google Chrome colors appear in recent versions.

Chrome has currently a flag (#force-color-profile) that helps me get colors similar to what my other programs show. Is there something similar for Atom 1.28.0 Beta and Electron 2?

The difference I am seeing is the same as in this comment:


Thanks for the link. I had been wondering about this (after updating to 1.28.0 beta) but hadn’t bothered to search around yet. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s definitely jarring.


We’re tracking this in


Cheers, @rsaw

Thanks, @jasonrudolph – I’ve subscribed to the issue.



The behaviour on Windows 10 as follows:
(please focus attention on the colour picker in the pictures)

Atom V1.27.1 … good

Atom V1.28.0-beta1 … bad



@demetris @rsaw @danPadric: To help us better diagnose this issue, can you tell us if you have a color profile configured for your display? (For example, in atom/atom#17356, the author explains that the issue occurs when using a color profile.)



Yes. I do have a color profile configured. I’ll come over to the GitHub issue to add my info, but let me add it here too:

I use color profiles generated with DisplayCAL and i1Display Pro. The issue appears on both desktop systems I use, Windows 8.1 and Debian Sid (with Gnome v. 3.28, IIRC).

Also (which may or may not be relevant), my displays are wide-gamut, that is, they have over 95% AdobeRGB coverage.



@danPadric: Thanks for those screenshots. The notes in might explain the behavior you’re seeing. Essentially, if you have a display profile configured, Atom 1.28 and higher should now respect that display profile. Earlier versions of Atom didn’t respect custom display profiles, so earlier versions would display different colors if you had a display profile configured.

This document from the Chrome dev team offers tips for determining whether you have a display profile configured, and it describes how to remove the profile it if you no longer want to use it. I hope this helps.


Thank you for your attention.
Thank you for your reply.

The document is helpful.

One question:
How do someone set a Chrome flag in Atom & only for Atom?

The calibration settings on my PC are dreadful -
I hope to come back to this issue at a later day.

My opinion about this case:
It is good to have this colour calibration settings being used by Chrome. Especially photography related web pages can come to its right.

However… I think this should be an opt-in option and not an opt-out option. For Chrome as base and for Electron/Atom/vsCode.

Reasoning: The people who want to have colour corrected functionality will do the work to get the functionality. Including calibration and setting the Chrome Flag.

Now it is the opposite. The people who does not want it and does not want to go through the calibration routine, needs now to do research on how to avoid this condition. They are the ones not wanting any efforts in the first place.



:wave: Hi @danPadric:

It’s not currently possible to set the force-color-profile Chrome flag only for Atom, but I hope the notes below can be of some help.

Thank you for the thoughtful input. :bow:

I agree with the sentiment, but I think this issue is only affecting people that have a custom display profile configured. In that sense, they’ve opted in to color correction.

Based on the discussions I’ve seen so far, I think this issue is frequently affecting people that have custom calibration applied to their monitor, but don’t actually want that custom calibration. In a sense, those people have opted in to color correction. (It’s possible that a person’s IT department or computer manufacturer applied the custom calibration without the person’s involvement.)

For those folks, I think it makes sense to consider removing the unwanted custom calibration, and then Chrome and Atom will no longer be instructed to use that unwanted display calibration.

You mentioned that the calibration settings on your PC are “dreadful” and that you hope to revisit them in the future. I do think that revisiting that calibration is your best bet. If you’re not ready to do so now, I understand. In that case, you could consider using Atom 1.27 until you’re ready to tune your calibration settings to your liking. I hope that helps.


Good day @jasonrudolph,

Where the colour profile came from on my PC is unclear to me. It was unintentional. I am the only user.

We will have to see if this case is going to be a headache for your project. Please consider having someone make a write-up for the Flight Manual for all the flavours of OS.

I can confirm, the notes you shared (about changing the Windows 10 colour profile) did work. Thank you.




Following the announcement of Atom V1.28.0-Beta 3 -
May this post give credit where credit is due.

@jasonrudolph - Reading the posting at, it was a pleasant surprise to see your dedication to this topic. And then follows the focus on detail and follow-through from the other members of the team to compliment the effort. Wow!! great work!

It may not be worth enough in the sense of ‘payment’ -
my sincere thanks and admiration to the Atom Development Team’s efforts.

Best wishes.


Thank you for the kind words, @danPadric. And thank you for helping us diagnose the issue and understand its impact. We appreciate it!


@jasonrudolph, a big thank you from me too!