Any way/package to establish an active FTP connection?


Hi there everyone!

I’m a newcomer to Atom and I have been using it for some time already and I love it. I looked for it when my co-worker told me about Sublime and I checked the Web for an Open Source alternative, since I’m fully committed to it. Now, I need to work with my project and it involves connecting via FTP to the server, so I can edit the files in sync without too much complication.

Since today, I worked perfectly with remote-ftp. But my partner did some server changes during the weekend and now the server only accepts ACTIVE FTP connections, so I am currently unable to sync my Atom to the server.ftp

I really don’t want to use Sublime having Atom. How can I do this? I’ve surfed the Internets (including this website) and I have found several articles where it is stated that Atom has no package that allows it to establish a connection of this type. It’s so frustrating!

I need help. Help or comfort. I’m starting to lose hope. :cry:

I’ll be using Filezilla for the moment but I really don’t want to do all that extra work.

Please… someone! T_T

Thanks to everyone.


Are they recent? I do not know anything about the workings of the ftp package, but if Atom’s packages are unable to establish an active connection, that would be the place to look for an answer.