Any package that saves workspace state without saving files?


So I like Atom, however there’s one feature that Sublime has that I’m hoping there’s an equivalent package for.

Sublime Text saves it’s worksapce, regardless if the files themselves are saved. I can open several new files, add text, not save them, and just close Sublime. When rerunning Sublime, all of the same files open up, even though none of them were individually saved.

Is there an equivalent package in Atom?


So this used to be an issue but was supposed to be fixed by this:


I’ve tried it myself and my unsaved files are opening up again nicely when I restart Atom.

If it doesn’t work for you, can you replicate the issue step-by-step, even using safe mode (atom --safe)?


Just to be sure we’re talking about the same feature,

Just opening up this css file, putting some text in, and then trying to close Atom brings up this dialog. In Sublime, it would have just closed without asking, and when reopening, brought up the same file, wiht my changes, even though I hadn’t saved them.

Same thing happens for new files. When closing Atom, it asks me to save, instead of just saving the workspace and exiting.

Is there an option I’m missing?


Ah, no it will always ask you about saving first. But if you select “Don’t Save”, it will still reopen even the unsaved ones for you when you restart atom.

So you just want to get rid of the dialog then?


well I guess it’s what the UX says vs what it does.

The prompt states that changes will be lost if you don’t save them, yet you’re saying that they won’t be. (granted, it’s not “saving” the file, but if it is save the changes within the workspace, then the prompt language is wrong.

As to your follow up question, Yes, Sublime doesn’t prompt for a dialog, so I guess the feature I’m looking for would be closing Sublime without it having to ask to save changes but automatically save the workspace, and re-open it.

P.S., I tried opening a new file, put text in, then closed Sublime hitting “Don’t Save”, and when reopening it, it didn’t hav eany of the text I put in, so it doesn’t seem that’s working the way you describe


Well, it does for me (Win 8.1 64bit).
I created a new pane, named it testy.js, and gave it some content without saving it. Then I opened another new tab, but left it unnamed, added some content to it as well.

Then I closed atom, hit “Don’t Save” and reopened it. Both panes were there again.

If that doesn’t work for you, it’s probably best to open another issue on the repo.


okay, i’ll file an issue.

Could this be related to whenever I open Atom, about://config opens all the time, regardless if I closed it the last time I had Atom open or not.