Any one else have problems with the new installer?


Hey all,

I had Atom 0.147 and before that version it notified me with the squirrel, but since then I got nothing… so I went on the webby and saw the latest version was 0.158! so I used the installer and it didn’t replace my old Atom, still 0.147.

The only way I’ve updated Atom is through

any one else getting this weird issue?


Do you have the file `“C:\Users\userName\AppData\Local\atom\Update.exe”``?

Mine was missing due to a squirrel bug and I had the same symptoms as you.


I do indeedy, my machine just doesn’t like any Atom past 0.147 (except zip files)

(though mine’s in C:\Atom\update.exe)


Same here. But I have v0.136.0 and updating not working.


@TreyTaylor, @mnlfischer did you follow the instructions in this blog post to completely uninstall the Chocolatey version of Atom if that is what you were using?


never used Chocolatey.


I didn’t use choclatey, just the zip files.


I don’t have problems with the installer, just as i didn’t install it i could install Atom for first time with the new installer, but today i updated it and it continues creating a new folder for the update…