Any official documentation on how to use snippets?


This seems like a pretty crucial feature, I’m just wondering why there is no documentation on it? Does figuring it out require reading long discussion of frustrated users trying to sort out how to make it work?

As a python developer, I have to say that my experience with Atom so far has been a PITA, which is a shame because I love the editors basic features.


The official documentation in general can be found:

More specific documentation on the snippets package can be found here:


@pjakobsen It does sound like you’re having problems finding the right piece of documentation when you need it. By now the docs are quite complete (though still very fluid, given that Atom’s still in the alpha phase really), so it’s all there. Apart from snippets, which @leedohm pointed out for you, is there anything else you’re missing?


Ok thanks. What I thought was a lack of documentation at is actually because things like snippets is not part of core, but a plugin.

Is the scarce documentation in many of these plugins due to the assumption is that “it works the same as in Sublime”, since many of them have been ported?


Can you point out an example where the documentation is missing or insufficient?
Core packages are usually well documented. And third party packages, well, depend on the author of course.

There is no assumption that any functionality is “just like ST” or other editors. That is to say: it’s not assumed that you know ST, neither that any given functionality is the same, even if it happens to be.

The ability to use snippets is part of core Atom. But which ones you decide to write or use, depends on you or any third party package implementing them. So if you’re looking for documentation on specific snippets, check first where they come from.
However, how snippet syntax works is well documented in the docs (linked by @leedohm).

Hope that helps.


I think the overall answer to your question is this:
Atom supplies capabilities, much more than specific implementations making use of them.
In this case Atom gives you snippet capability and instructions how to write them. What you or a package author make of it, is up to you/them.