Any method autocompletion/suggestion like in VS Code?


Hello there,

Recently I tried VS Code the open source editor and I really liked the features it provided out of the box, like intellisense, amazing git integration and method completion like in javascript.

I was wondering does atom have similar feature where as I type it would suggest me method completion for Typescript/Javascript? so if I type “conso” it would already start suggesting to complete it till console and then when I type . it would show me method console has like console.log etc. Download and open VS Code for better image :slight_smile:


No offense, but why don’t you go ahead and download Atom “for a better image”. Or at least take a look at its features listen on the website:

Actually, that doesn’t even work in Visual Studio Code in either TypeScript or JavaScript, unless there’s a third-party package that does that. However, both programs –Atom and Visual Studio Code– will complete log to console.log().


No offense but you have you bothered to actually understand what I am looking for? I understand you may have thought I missed atom feature description on the main website but have you considered I didn’t miss anything? I did my research and couldn’t find anything relevant hence why I turned for help here.

My main issue/question was how can I get the same functionality in atom editor, be it a plugin or a feature built-in Atom. I am not looking for emmet type completion where I type log and it autocompletes to console.log() Wording could have been better in my issue I suppose, but I do think I delivered the gist of it clear enough in my original post.


Perhaps the atom-ternjs package is the thing you are looking for. Not perfect (JS is hard to auto-complete accurately) but it does a decent job.


You really should provide a working example then (typing console in a JavaScript/TypeScript document does nothing in Visual Studio Code) or use the correct terminology. Your initial post gave me the impression you’re asking about autocompletion snippets (btw, Emmet is a plugin of its own!)


Cheers but already using it. Not perfect but something :slight_smile:


As I said, perhaps my wording could have been better, apologies there.