Any idea of Atom's price?

Yeah - let’s not pre-frame Atom as a paid, proprietary project. It could be so many things, and hopefully it follows the model of Vim or Emacs (which have 20-30 year lifespans) and not Sublime or TextMate (which seem to have ~3-5 year lifespans).


I was fine with Sublime Text’s $80 $70 asking price—I’ll be fine with whatever Atom is put up for :slight_smile:

Same I’m ready to pay for it (a fixed price) but github could choose to only include Atom with github paid account (XX$/month) and it would be a problem :slight_smile:

It would be interesting to know if the core will stay open source before participating into this project. I don’t want to spend hours to create new packages if the project become closed :frowning:


Stay open source? It isn’t open now and I doubt it ever will be.

I have absolutely no problem paying for software and if this is as good as it looks, I may even decide to use it. Right now I spend most of my days in vim but I have used Sublime quite a lot in the past and absolutely love it. I would prefer it to be open source, but that I wouldn’t not use it if it was closed as long as there was proper support and feedback was actually acted upon and not just round-filed.

We haven’t settled on pricing yet. What I can tell you is that it will not be tied to a paid GitHub account and you can expect it to be competitively priced compared to similar editors.


Will there be a Windows beta before I have to pay for this?

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I wonder if there will be a free or discounted version for us poor student types. =P GitHub’s 5 free private repo’s for students has been really nice.


We :heart: the :poop: out of students. If Atom’s price is unreasonable for students, we’ll work something out with you.

How much do they charge for Office and Photoshop student editions these days anyway? :trollface:



Couldn’t tell you on Office and Photoshop…I make do with Gimp and Open Office. Microsoft’s DreamSpark program is pretty nice, though. Getting a free Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate license is quite cool. (Even if I rarely use VS…)

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The student edition of Office goes for about 150US at the college bookstore but most students can get their hands on many M products through Dreamspark.

Will be there a trial (time / executions limit) version?

Not a fan of buying something without testing it’s full functionality.

Free would be awesome. If not, an untimed free trial would also work well for me.

Actually I don’t think many people paid for Sublime Text…

Yeah, I believe it works just fine without ever registering it. I know plenty of people who use it unregistered. Though, I personally don’t.

It would be great to get confirmation of that from a Githubber on here. I feel like it would be very difficult to have a hacker-friendly editor where the core is closed-source.

the price will be… one young gnu

I really like the payment model behind Sublime Text. Being able to use it free, or pay for it to get rid of some not-too-obnoxious “please buy it” message. And the price is really reasonable too. It’s just somewhat important that—whatever it will be—the license will be per user, and not per machine or something.

Microsoft has a 3-year subscription for Office 365 for ~80€.

Tekkub above didn’t deny the claim, so I would guess it’s true. See also this thread.

Mojombo’s answer in that other thread prevails. We’re still figuring out the details on licensing for atom’s nucleus. For packages github releases for atom, we plan on using the MIT license.

I agree with @poke. Per user not machine is ideal. I’m a Sublime Text user now and purchased it as I was able to try it, tweak it, learn it long enough where I was comfortable paying. A carpenter has to buy a hammer at some point - a professional dev should to pay something for professional tools some time. :smile:

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