Any idea of Atom's price?


Hello there!

First of all, thank you for releasing such a great editor.

In the Welcome Buffer we can read this:

Atom is free during the beta period

So, my question is simple: which price can we expect for Atom?

PS: I don’t need to say that I’m dreaming about a free editor like this one, but who knows? Maybe someday, unicorns will run around my house!


Furthermore, will the core part ever be open source?


That is atom/atom. I don’t believe so.


Yeah - let’s not pre-frame Atom as a paid, proprietary project. It could be so many things, and hopefully it follows the model of Vim or Emacs (which have 20-30 year lifespans) and not Sublime or TextMate (which seem to have ~3-5 year lifespans).


I was fine with Sublime Text’s $80 $70 asking price—I’ll be fine with whatever Atom is put up for :slight_smile:


Same I’m ready to pay for it (a fixed price) but github could choose to only include Atom with github paid account (XX$/month) and it would be a problem :slight_smile:

It would be interesting to know if the core will stay open source before participating into this project. I don’t want to spend hours to create new packages if the project become closed :frowning:


Stay open source? It isn’t open now and I doubt it ever will be.


I have absolutely no problem paying for software and if this is as good as it looks, I may even decide to use it. Right now I spend most of my days in vim but I have used Sublime quite a lot in the past and absolutely love it. I would prefer it to be open source, but that I wouldn’t not use it if it was closed as long as there was proper support and feedback was actually acted upon and not just round-filed.


We haven’t settled on pricing yet. What I can tell you is that it will not be tied to a paid GitHub account and you can expect it to be competitively priced compared to similar editors.


Will there be a Windows beta before I have to pay for this?


I wonder if there will be a free or discounted version for us poor student types. =P GitHub’s 5 free private repo’s for students has been really nice.


We :heart: the :poop: out of students. If Atom’s price is unreasonable for students, we’ll work something out with you.

How much do they charge for Office and Photoshop student editions these days anyway? :trollface:



Couldn’t tell you on Office and Photoshop…I make do with Gimp and Open Office. Microsoft’s DreamSpark program is pretty nice, though. Getting a free Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate license is quite cool. (Even if I rarely use VS…)


The student edition of Office goes for about 150US at the college bookstore but most students can get their hands on many M products through Dreamspark.


Will be there a trial (time / executions limit) version?

Not a fan of buying something without testing it’s full functionality.


Free would be awesome. If not, an untimed free trial would also work well for me.


Actually I don’t think many people paid for Sublime Text…


Yeah, I believe it works just fine without ever registering it. I know plenty of people who use it unregistered. Though, I personally don’t.


It would be great to get confirmation of that from a Githubber on here. I feel like it would be very difficult to have a hacker-friendly editor where the core is closed-source.


the price will be… one young gnu