Any good document for Atom's TextEditor API?


Hi guys,
When exploring the TextEditor’s API, I found there are many many useful advanced api exposed by Atom’s TextEditor.

For example

  • editor.transact encapsulate bulk text manipulation in transaction to support better undo/redo
  • marker related API, not only help format the code but also help build more advanced code snippet
  • insertText() consider the indent by itself

Now I try the API by using the devTool inside Atom and read some of the source code and I really like those api since they provide more advanced api than other editor. But this takes time and there are many functions! So is there a good document specific for the editor API besides the’s document? Useful blogs for specific topic like marker related API is also very helpful!



Have you taken a look at the API documentation?


Hi leedohm,
Thanks for your reply! Yes, I’ve read the document. Just want some more learning materials especially for some advanced topics!

for example:

this blog explain more on block decoration which is more detail than the API document! I hope to read more blogs like this, however I’m not sure where to find them


You can take a look at the archive of the Atom blog for past articles. And you can check the Atom blog for future articles or subscribe to the RSS feed at the top of the page.


thanks man! that’s helpful
I hope I could write some document for it after I learning them!:slight_smile: