Any event when a file is opened?


I want to detect character encoding of a file automatically when I open the file.
The onDidOpen event is helpful for it but is not perfect because this event is only triggered when you open a file manually.
When you invoke Atom with some files, onDidOpen event is not triggered.
Are there any good alternatives for onDidOpen?


The atom.workspace.observeTextEditors method is the canonical way to set up a callback for when files are opened. It will also notify you of any editors that are already open when you first set up the observer.



Thank you for your comment.

Is a callback registered by observeTextEditors invoked only when the editor is created?

I could not understand when the callback is invoked from its method name and documentation.

Usually ‘observe’ means invoking when the state of the editors, I think…

Anyway I will experiment observeTextEditors.

Thank you!


Yes, it triggers only when a text editor is created.