Any documentation for theme configs?


I saw big ammount of themes with configurable parameters and want to add it to my own, but i see no information about this feature in Docs and other resources, can you give me link to one of them?


Which parameters are you interested in? Information about how to add configurable settings to your package primarily lives here.


There is no detailed information about working with configs.


To my knowledge, Atom provides no API to manipulate parts of a theme. However, since Atom is built on web technology, you can manipulate the DOM using JavaScript. I’d start by looking at the source-code of „big amount of themes“ to see how they do it. You basically need to add/remove/replace classes.

Regarding configuration, the link provided my @DamnedScholar has everyhing you need to get you started, including examples.


See atom.config.observe.

Crudely explained:
It calls a callback when the specified setting is changed.
In this callback you could write less rules/variables (with the new settings) into a file in your-package/styles/ which you import last in your themes styles.
Then have Atom reload your package.

This in essence, is how atom-material-ui does it when the colour settings are changed.


That’s entirely what the page I linked talks about. All the information you need to know is there. If there’s something you’re having difficulty implementing, you need to provide more information about your use case and where you’re getting stuck.

Atom doesn’t provide for granular manipulation of style elements, no. It’s possible to get creative with JavaScript, though.