Any chance a Hero could make a package for FixMyJS


OK, you’ve started using JSHint, and love it. But its sometime annoying to stop and fix each issue, especially when adding new jshint configurations.

Check this out:
It not only signal errors, it fixes them!

There is a sublime plugin. Don’t know if its easy to modify it for Atom. But sure would be sweet if there was an Atom plugin for this.

Not sure how safe yet, so best in the editor until we’re comfortable with CLI/gulp/grunt/… tools.


I guess I’m a skeptic but I don’t see any difference between machine-fixing of lint problems and not using lint in the first place. For example, it lists Adding missing semicolons as a feature. Isn’t this exactly what the javascript interpreter does when you leave out semicolons and run the code?


This is very similar to what ReSharper does for C# in Visual Studio. Honestly, I found it faster to learn C# (and especially) LINQ with ReSharper constantly prodding me with squiggly underlines or greyed-out code that indicated I could do something in a more efficient and/or standard way.

I don’t know if automatically replacing Lint errors is the right way to go, but (for instance) I’d love an indicator showing me that Lint wants a semicolon at the end of the line. In Visual Studio a quick alt+enter will replace the offending text with the preferred result.


that is what atom can do to. just search for linter and linter- packages. i like eslint most next jscs. jshint is not good enough on my desk but still people refer to it most.