Any cached version for building atom?


For changes that are made to the core packages in atom, isnt there any quicker way of building atom and testing it? For every change that is made it takes at least 5 minutes to build. Any help will be appreciated.


If you’re changing core packages, I don’t think you have to rebuild atom at all.
Packages in your user folder (.atom/packages or your OS-equivalent) take precedence over core packages.


I may get details wrong here, but the right way to debug core packages is to clone the github repo into ~.atom/dev. Do apm install in that directory. And then start atom with the --dev option. Atom will then use the package in that folder.

Edit: It is ~/.atom/dev/packages not ~.atom/dev. In any case just use @leedohm’s method below.


There’s also the apm develop command that does all of that.


So the order of package loading is:

  1. ~/.atom/dev/packages if started with --dev
  2. ~/.atom/packages unless started with --safe
  3. Core packages

Got it :+1:


Great!! Phew,this will be saving a lot of dev time! Thank you all. :slightly_smiling: