Antialiasing question


Not sure what Atom (.209, Mac) is set to by default, but I noticed today that commented code looks sharper than non-commented.

Hopefully you can see in this screen capture:

It could be because the gray antialiased to black bgknd is different? Are there other AA options?


I’m having trouble seeing any difference in sharpness in that screenshot, tbh.

Looks as always on my machine, though it could be sharper it seems to be the same level, commented or not:


To my understanding, all of the platforms are set to subpixel antialiased by default (except for octicons which are designed specifically for non-subpixel antialiasing).


As @leedohm mentioned, it looks like subpixel font smoothing, which is particularly noticeable against a dark background. You can disable this globally by unchecking Use LCD font smoothing when available in System Preferences > General. You may need to restart Atom after changing this.

You also can customize this in your Atom stylesheet:

atom-text-editor {
  -webkit-font-smoothing: none|subpixel-antialiased|antialiased;

Examples here. Be sure to view in Chrome on a Mac.

P.S. try out System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom. This lets you instantly zoom in with a trackpad or scroll wheel to get a better look at those pixels.