[ANSWERED] Why is Atom V1.18 still there is updated to V1.19



It seems as though Atom V1.18 still exists while the system updated to V1.19.
Two versions available

Inside ./atom/app-1.18.0 is an atom.exe.
When running that exe the HELP > Version confirms it is V1.18.

Strange? Does this not take up more space on my disk?
How to get rid of the excess baggage?



Atom preserves some of the files from the version right before the current one, I guess for “covering your ass” reasons. You can probably delete it just fine. It will go away on its own with the next update.


Guessed as much. Is there any official note of this attribute?
Recently some missed functionality and reverted to V1.18.
Wonder if it was good enough just to execute the remanence they have.


No, if you’re reverting to a previous version, you need to download and install that version.