[ANSWERED] Is there a way to update with "atom-x64-1.19.1-delta.nupkg"



Listed in https://github.com/atom/atom/releases are all the downloadable variations of Atom. Some of these are marked with the postfix delta.nupkg. Is there a way to use this file to update an installation with only the changed files?

So… I am on Windows 7 - can I use atom-x64-1.19.1-delta.nupkg to update my current Atom V1.19.0 installation? I assume I have to use C:\Users\Dan\AppData\Local\atom\Update.exe … but how?

Thank you.


I was wondering the same thing.
Iam using Atom portable and sometimes the updating fails and when that happens and I check again it says that there is no update available.
I was wondering whether you could use update.exe to force update it.
In the log it says that it downloads the nupkg from https://atom.io/api/updates-x64/atom-1.20.0-beta3-delta.nupkg.


The nupkg files are for use with NuGet, so no, they won’t work with the update system that is bundled with Atom.


Thank you for responding.

So… Visual Studio needs to be installed before the packaged [delta] files are of any use. Is it Visual Studio what you guys use to develop for the Atom Core?


No, we use Atom to develop Atom :grinning:

To be honest, I’ve never used NuGet, so I don’t know how it works.


Sadly I had to get Visual Basic tools up and running to get rid of some error messages on my system. To develop the source is probably not a problem, but getting it to make-and-run is a different story. Or are only the package developers missing a key ingredient to make cross-platform add-ons?

I have seen notes from you and other core developers on changing the API and some dependencies. I have seen many (without searching them out) that still uses “old” principles. ::shadow being only one such case. Do package developers keep to date on what changes in the core?

About the NUPKG file… on a previous post there was mention that the MSI files were removed. Why then have the NUPKG if development can be done purely in Atom?



To my understanding, the nupkg packages are for installing Atom, not building or developing Atom.

I thought you were talking about what editor we use. You can take a look at the build instructions for indications of the tools we use to build and package Atom on the various platforms.