[Anounce] a very nice markdown preview package that you should have a try :)


Hi all,

I am very happy to anounce markdown-preview-enhanced version 0.10.4, one of the best markdown preview packages for atom editor.
This is a package that I have been developing for about 1.5 years. And it is now more mature and stable than it was before.

Please note that this package is still in rapid-update phase and could be buggy.
Feel free to post issues or request new features here. :slight_smile:



Sound great ! I hope to see one day this package in the core.


Awesome! The animated GIF is impressive, I didn’t even know some charts/presentations existed :blush:

As an improvement idea, let’s also add install instructions onto the top of the Readme. Not everybody knows how to install via apm.



Thanks for your advice, I will add installation instruction in the doc :slight_smile: