Announcing scroll-sync -- sync two panes by content


The readme file …

See project at github.

(If the image above is not animated then click on it).


  • Open two files in separate panes so they are both visible.
  • Press ctrl-alt-S (scroll-sync:toggle) and the word SrclSync will appear in the status bar to indicate that scrolling is synced.
  • Scroll either editor pane and the other editor pane will scroll to match.
  • When sections of the files don’t match, the editor pane you are directly controlling will scroll through the entire file as normal. The other pane will stop or jump ahead as needed to keep the content aligned.
  • You may switch between the files to change which is the “master” and which is the “slave”.
  • To stop syncing, click on SrclSync in the status bar or close one of the tabs.


Copyright Mark Hahn by MIT license.


thats pretty cool!
thank you sir.